What’s Your Exit Strategy?

In business as in sports, it’s not how you start; it’s your endgame that determines how you’ll experience your retirement.

Peyton Manning, with timely and unrivaled help from his skilled, dedicated and motivated teammates, retired from pro football ON TOP as a decorated 18-year veteran with a batch of league records and two Super Bowl rings.

How will you retire? Like Manning? Not if you’ve teamed up with happenstance, luck and fate. If you haven’t earned and prepared for your endgame, then you’re not in any way positioned for a rich and rewarding retirement.

But, there still may be time. Allegra, the next generation in printing and graphic communications, has exit-strategy solutions for independent printers who want to increase the value of their businesses and go out ON TOP.

Allegra Advantage is a low-cost, accelerated program to grow the value of your business and to help you sell it in five years or less. Yes, there still is time. Our unique Resale Program helps identify buyer candidates, qualifies them and guides you and the new owner toward a smooth transition. And, our Allegra Profit Mastery® Program measures your performance against other printing businesses through our proprietary Operating Ratio Study. It’s an impressive, insightful tool to eyeball how you compare to Allegra benchmarks.

With Allegra you have many options. In all, we have developed more than 50 industry-leading support programs to assess, recommend and execute an exit strategy that will secure your financial future and ensure your business legacy.

Are you looking to better position yourself? Connect with us today to learn more about our Allegra Advantage Program.