Alliance Franchise Brands’ Marketing and Print Division President, Kevin Cushing, draws on his management wisdom for another thoughtful blog posting to the Printing Impression website titled, “Do You Have ‘Oozers’ and ‘Drainers’ in Your Network?

Kevin’s “Oozers” and “Drainers” descriptors are based on an article titled “What Creates Energy in Organizations?” from a 2004 issue of the  MIT Sloan Management Review, where the authors introduce us to the terms “Energizers” and “De-Energizers.”

Franchise organizations are fluid entities, which make for more appropriate labels—Oozers and Drainers—for the kinds of people who do or do not contribute to a franchise network’s success. Kevin’s blog gushes enthusiasm for the Oozers—individuals who exude the vision and values of the company. Drainers, on the other hand, sap positive energy and spout roadblocks at every turn.

Kevin blogs, “It’s challenging, but not impossible, to have all energizers/oozers on your team. And it is even more important to avoid the de-energizers/drainers.” Good advice. Don’t let Drainers diminish your potential for success. Seek out mentors and surround yourself with Oozers who seep high standards, accountability and team culture.

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