Going it alone in today’s ever-changing business climate can be challenging and even detrimental to business success.

After almost 20 years of independently juggling customer requests, employee needs and business requirements, Dave Campbell, a successful marketing, print and mailing services provider in Western North Carolina, decided it was time to join a group of like-minded businesses to help further grow his own by leveraging the knowledge and strength of a franchise network.

Campbell had received a letter from the Allegra Network, asking if he was interested in selling his three centers. He replied that he actually wanted to buy, not sell.
As it turned out, two Allegra Network centers in Asheville, N.C., were coming up for sale with the owners’ impending retirements.

After attending an Allegra Discovery Day in March of 2015, where he met franchise leadership and learned of the support the network could provide, Campbell was solidly convinced that joining the Network and transitioning to the Allegra brand was the right investment for him and his team.

Campbell shared, “While my business was growing and my customers were happy, it was challenging to find credible resources to make sure I was taking care of both my employees and myself. It is a full time commitment and then some just to stay on top of all that goes into managing a business. I was also concerned about tracking my business metrics and understanding what those metrics could tell me about my market and my long-term growth strategy.”

In October of 2015, Campbell purchased the two Allegra Network centers and has continued to grow, purchasing an additional independent printing company in mid-2016.

“Joining the Allegra team has played an important part in our ability to take our offerings, and ultimately our customers, to the next level,” said Campbell. “We were a mom-and-pop shop with locations in three North Carolina towns, and in less than one year, we now have six locations, endless opportunities for professional training, access to the resources of nearly 300 other centers in our network and tools to help us offer new services to our customers throughout Western North Carolina. Much of our recent success is because of the additional support we as a team have available to us through the Allegra Network.”

Since joining the Network, Campbell has been able to grow his business through acquisitions and increased sales by 78%. He continues to leverage his relationships with the Allegra Franchise Development team to find additional opportunities to acquire independent printers.

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