If you’re exploring businesses to own, you have many options to consider including the choice between investing in a business-to-consumer (B2C) franchise or a business-to-business (B2B) franchise.

While there are similarities, providing value is essential in operating any successful business owning, a business-to-business concept like the Allegra Marketing Print Mail franchise has many advantages over other B2B franchises and particularly over traditional B2C franchises.

The primary difference between B2B and B2C is the customer. B2C customers are likely to be individuals with small budgets who have immediate needs and convenience is a priority. They aren’t necessarily loyal to one brand, in fact, they may have several fast-food restaurants or home-service providers that they call on as the temptation and problems arise.

On the other hand, B2B customers have larger budgets, longer timelines and higher expectations for the work. For those reasons, our B2B customers are clients, they’re more engaged as collaborative partners in the product development process.

For our Allegra franchise owners, they have the opportunity to meet with other small-business owners to help them grow their businesses and in that way support the local community. We become their marketing partners, and in many cases, family friends, says Allegra Franchise Development Manager, Holly Owens.

Our B2B customers often have varied requirements from small jobs to complex projects. This is where our Allegra franchise owners have an advantage as single-source providers. Our Allegra Centers have the resources and the professional staff to produce everything from a 4-color banner to designing a customized online ordering system.

By satisfying the disparate needs of our B2B clients, we’re creating lasting, loyal relationships both at our Centers where employees are fulfilled by the creative challenges and with our clients who enthusiastically refer our services to other businesses because they see the results from our innovative work.

Allegra franchise owners benefit from those relationships, too. They’re rewarded with less time and investment hiring and training staff, recurring revenue from existing clients and reduced investments in having to acquire new clients.

Our goal across the Alliance Franchise Brands network in each of our Allegra Centers is to empower success. To learn more about how you can B-happy as an Allegra franchise owner, visit our franchise opportunity web pages.