“A Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan should be included in the master business plans of every firm.” That’s the advice from Alliance Franchise Brands in the first sentence of its Guide to Developing a Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Plan.

As a multi-brand franchisor, Alliance Franchise Brands (AFB) partners with its franchise owners in devising not only their business and marketing plans and exit strategies, but also in preparing them to overcome unforeseen emergencies that may threaten their ability to serve clients and to generate revenues.

The 13-page Discovery Recovery Program blueprint includes a 6-step process and several checklists that every enterprise—public, private, non-profit, government agency, booster club, etc.—should follow as part of their ongoing operations, that is if they want their operations to remain ongoing.

The Guide identifies acts of God—natural catastrophes that no one can prevent such as earthquakes, floods or tornadoes, and tragic events that are more likely and no less disruptive including fires, loss of electrical power, water shortages, several key employees ill at the same time, or the death or disability of an owner or key manager.

The goal of the plan and the benefit to any type of business or organization is that it 1) preserves the flow of revenues; 2) ensures that basic communications are in service (e-mail, text, phone); 3) keeps customers engaged and happy and gets their work done; and, 4) tracks transactions (e.g., billing and accounting).

The 6-step process is “not that complicated to develop,” too.

Step #1 advises to invest in adequate personal and business insurance.

Step #2 directs to define potential threats.

Step #3 instructs to create and distribute emergency contact lists and to assign communication responsibilities.

Step #4 recommends to establish emergency management procedures and to assign responsibilities.

Step #5 urges to define and assign responsibility for business recovery.

And step #6, and critically important: rehearse and practice. Skill and speed implementing the plan will help smooth periods of trouble, hardship and difficulty.

If you’re a corporate executive or an entrepreneur looking at franchise opportunities, companies without a Disaster Recovery Plan are forced to play catch-up to crises that can easily bend out of control. A Disaster Recovery Plan can reduce risks and limit damages. That’s smart business.

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