A recent article titled, “How to Foster and Encourage Sales Growth,” caught our attention not because it was covering new ground, but because we’re still grappling with an age-old question for business owners and sales coaches: How do you continue “growing businesses with motivated sales reps who are at the top of their game?”

Writer Mike Philie identifies several types of sales reps from those who do “just enough” to individuals who “have either not accepted that they need to change or are unwilling to part with their current ways of doing things.”

Mike introduces another possibly unexplored group: “I think that there may also be a category of those who would like to do better but are just frozen in not knowing what to do or how to do it.”

The unexplored group is like the independent voter—willing to listen and wanting more information. While Mike says it’s “a new day, a new game” for all sales reps, it’s up to the sales leader to determine where each rep is on the “learning spectrum” and to “provide the resources they need to move ahead or show them how to access the many resources available.”

Even for sales reps who are “just not interested in doing anything differently,” sales leaders need to “understand how they fit into your sales team and what role they’ll continue to play, or not play.”

Mike adds an admonition for those who continue to play: it’s “all hands on deck.” For sales leaders, be they sales managers, company presidents or business owners, Mike urges them to “set goals for improvement on the many sales tasks that need to be done daily in order to be successful. Make it fun, make it a challenge.”

At Alliance Franchise Brands we’ve made the article available to our network of franchise owners across North America. Our goal for the sales leaders in each of our Centers is to keep their sales reps motivated and at the top of their game.

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