“I’m now enjoying work more than I have for a long, long time.”

After more than 20 years as an executive at a nationwide bank, by 2017 Matt Kinser was ready to make a change. Most recently the manager of a business initiative team, the idea of owning his own business burned brighter every year. So, he began working with a franchise broker.

“We must have looked at 30 opportunities,” said Kinser. “These franchises included everything from mobile storage businesses and fitness facilities to children’s learning centers, barbershops and more. The only thing not on the table was fast food.”

When his franchise broker drew his attention to an Allegra Marketing Print Mail Center late last year, Matt sensed he found a winner.

“As I went through the process, I realized two things,” said Kinser. “I wanted a business in an established industry and not one that catered to a fad that might soon fall out of favor. Also, I felt drawn to a business-to-business opportunity with a focus on helping companies grow.”

Given that there will always be a need for the printing, mailing and marketing services offered by an Allegra Center, the franchise certainly fit the bill as one with staying power. And, while serving individuals, its primary emphasis is on meeting the needs of local businesses and organizations.

“Allegra impressed me from day one,” said Kinser. “The speed with which they responded to questions — and the quality of the answers they provided — convinced me I had connected with the right franchising organization.”

In April, Matt became the owner of an Allegra Center through the company’s innovative MatchMaker® Program. It enabled him to buy both an independent print shop and banner sign business, consolidate them in a single location, brand them as Allegra and “hit the ground running.”

“I was able to retain two employees from the printing firm and one from the banner sign company,” said Kinser. “Their expertise allows me to focus largely on sales but, truth be told, as the owner I’m involved in a little of everything.”

As for Allegra’s Home Office support, Matt cites three resources that are proving to be invaluable during his first several months as an owner.

“Marketing Materials Online enables us to download, individualize and print the postcards, brochures and more we needed to promote our new Center,” said Kinser. “The Marketing Team was a great help to us in rebranding the two independent businesses as one Allegra. And, with no background in sales, I rely on the Sales & Training Team for frequent support. If contemplating Allegra ownership, I recommend leveraging these resources and others.”

But what of the attractive work/life balance that’s often mentioned as Allegra advantage in contrast to many other franchise opportunities?

“As a new business owner, I almost feel guilty mentioning this but when my young children were out of school, I eased up a bit,” said Kinser. “Now that school’s about to restart, it’s heads down and back to a much more aggressive approach. I appreciate the flexibility.”

But, how does Matt evaluate the Allegra Center ownership opportunity as a whole?

“I like working in partnership with a variety of local companies to help them meet their diverse goals,” said Kinser. “Compared to my corporate background, the lack of bureaucracy is also energizing. All decisions are on me. Bottom line? With Allegra ownership, I’m now enjoying work more than I have for a long, long time.”