Matt Kinser earned a computer science degree from DePauw University and spent 18 years working for a leading U.S. multinational financial services company.

“Corporate America was great to me, but my focus was on process management and operational excellence, doing more with less, which translated into reducing headcounts,” said Matt. “That was draining the life out of me. I was interested in trying something different.”

In his search, Matt engaged a franchise sales broker who listened, counseled and presented some 30 different franchise businesses including “mobile storage, fitness facilities, children’s learning centers, and barbershops,” said Matt. “I wanted a business that I could understand and wrap my head around and a more traditional business that wasn’t a fad. I wanted something that helped other businesses grow that would also be good for our community.”

After talking with fellow owners and meeting with the Home-Office team, Matt selected the Allegra franchise opportunity through the MatchMaker® program. He purchased two well-established businesses: a graphics studio and a sign shop consolidating operations into one Center and converting them to the Allegra brand. He serves business-to-business clients in Charlotte’s South End, a historic and prospering district.

Purchasing up-and-running businesses rather than launching a new venture follows a popular narrative for discerning entrepreneurs like Matt. “I feel it’s safer. Both businesses had been around for more than 30 years. I can look at what they’ve done, strengthen their client relationships, and build off that by providing great work for our clients.”

As a business owner, Matt is finally writing his own story. “My emphasis is on sales, meeting with existing and prospective clients to generate more business. I’m also managing my team, leaning on them to execute at a high level,” said Matt. “What I’m doing appeals to me—growing a business, putting people to work, and helping to build companies in the community.”

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