Not surprising, selling your printing business can be emotionally wrenching and doggedly exhausting, like training your cat to wash your car.


Sadly, knowing where to start the process can be just as risky as betting your employees’ future, your customers’ loyalty, and your parting reputation on the shoulders of the “best fit” buyer.


As a first step, surfing the web is no comfort. There’s no shortage of investment bankers, business brokers, franchisors, M&A “experts,” and magazine writers who have the Three Reasons Why We Can Help, the 5 Steps to Selling…, or the Six Things to Consider


Why then another Selling Your Printing Business…when they all promise to add value to your process or to pay for themselves while delivering more prospects, increased offers, highest prices, and ultimately your ideal owner?


Because there is only one Alliance Franchise Brands.


With Alliance Franchise Brands, you’re supported by a world leader in marketing and visual communications, a holding company with nine franchise concepts, linking more than 650 locations in North America and the United Kingdom.


And, unlike other graphic communication companies that may be owned by private equity groups that invest to sell for a substantial profit, Alliance Franchise Brands is the parent company of the Allegra Network LLC and the Sign and Graphics LLC which are privately held by a leadership team intimately involved in day-to-day operations of the business. Six of the ten members in our ownership group have been long-time, successful owners of franchises.


Additionally, at Alliance Franchise Brands, core values, a focus of the website, support our leadership team’s vision, establish a culture throughout our franchise member network, and set our people apart.


Yes, we have a proven process to help independent printers sell their businesses. And, yes, it may resemble steps that other groups have adopted—How many different ways can you cut a pie?—but when we partner with independent printers, we are sure to create trusting and ethical relationships that empower success.


If you are considering selling your printing business, call us at 800.726-9050 ext. 8695. We’ll walk you through our Seven Steps to Making the Sale:

  • First, let’s establish the VALUE of your business. A quick and easy way to arrive at an estimate is to click on and complete the confidential valuation form. Our valuation service is free to you. At the same time, you’ll need to collect bank statements, tax returns, P&L statements, and related documents from the past three years for us to review.


  • Determine the PRICE. We’ll encourage you to seek “second opinions”—input from your accountant and attorney. We’ll also sound you out on special terms like retaining valued employees.


  • Receive a LETTER OF INTENT spelling out the price, terms, and date of sale from a qualified buyer.


  • Review the PROPOSAL. You’ll have time to review it thoroughly, accept it or make a counteroffer.


  • Experience the DUE DILIGENCE phase. Take a deep dive in all the data to ensure that t’s are crossed and i’s dotted and that there are no surprises for all parties.


  • Close the DEAL. With a Purchase Agreement in hand, the buyer will meet with you to finalize the paperwork, hand you a check, and accept your keys.


  • Complete the TRANSITION. You’ll introduce the new owner to your clients and employees—a step often left out by others trying to shoe-horn the deal into a specific time frame. And to ensure a smooth transition, most sellers stay on for 90 days.

At Alliance Franchise Brands our aim is to provide the resources, the information, and the guidance that you need to feel empowered. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the process and the transaction, and ready to devote 100% to what’s next in your life.