What’s faster than the year gone by, more powerful than sticking to a New Year’s resolution, and able to improve your operating efficiency, especially if you’re an independent printer thinking about someday selling your business?

It’s knowing the value of your business.

Sure, you have an eye on sales and your arms are wrapped around payroll, but plugging in the other odds and ends like cost of goods, equipment, inventory and utilities, may seem a never-ending battle and beyond the powers of mortal men.

Not so. You don’t have to be a superman to run the numbers. And once you have a handle on your assets and liabilities, you’ll be able to calculate your true net worth, which will give you a leg up when potential buyers come knocking on your door.

Allegra Marketing Print Mail, a Franchise 500® concept with a 40-year-track record, has developed a Valuation Tool designed for independent printers and available to you for free. With the Valuation Tool, using a combination of three proven industry methods—Wage & Profit Multiplier, Cash Flow and Annual Sales, you’ll be able to change the course of your mighty investment and bend negotiations in your favor.

Once you know where you are, another tool to help you get where you want to go is by way of the Allegra Advantagesm Program from Alliance Franchise Brands. It’s a demonstrated way to make more of your business without breaking the bank. Independent printers who have re-branded to Allegra have increased their sales and earnings, built greater equity, and better positioned themselves for a more profitable exit.

Additionally, when you join the Alliance Franchise Brands network, you’ll have ready access to nine fundamentals to drive growth, profitability and business value including Business Assessment & Planning Assistance, Technology Enhancement, World-Class Marketing Support, and Group Buying and Outsourcing Strategies.

When your someday comes, you’ll be glad you sought out the best to build your net worth and reach your personal and lifestyle goals.