If you’re an independent business owner, have you reached a seemingly endless plateau—revenues flat, growth topped out, and your plans for financial security shelved?

Meet Dave Campbell an Allegra Marketing Print Mail franchise owner in Asheville, North Carolina. Dave opened an independent mail marketing business in the late ‘90s. He also acquired two copying and printing businesses to expand his reach and services. “We did well, but stopped growing. All our business was home grown through word of mouth,” said Dave. “We looked for a solution and were introduced to the Allegra franchise.”

To trigger growth, Dave joined Allegra for the people and resources, and the power of branding and the franchise name. People and resources might be enough for an independent business owner to convert to a franchise, branding and a franchise name maybe not so much. It’s worth exploring the scope of branding and the advantages of using a franchise name.

At branding’s core is the brand name, a well-protected trademark that both differentiates and authenticates a product or service. The name then forms a basis for a brand’s image—how the product or service is perceived in the marketplace. Together, branding is the ongoing process to shape and evolve, expand and emblazon a brand’s image.

For many independent business owners, committing resources to branding can be daunting, frustrating and out of their reach.

That’s because branding is more than a catchy name, classy font, and colorful logo. It takes skilled professionals to create taglines and slogans, develop marketing initiatives, signage, stationery, business cards, advance a company’s culture and values, devise sales and pricing strategies, and ensure product quality and customer service. It requires a team effort.

As an Allegra franchise owner, Dave has ready access to customizable franchise brand marketing and sales materials and talented specialists to expand his services to existing clients and to open doors to prospective clients. His word of mouth is now a public address system.

And, built into the Allegra franchise name are additives that fuel the fortunes and growth of our 600+ Alliance Franchise Brands member network including: a demonstrated and validated track record, extensive training, ongoing support, proven systems, buying power for new technologies, and exit strategy planning and guidance.

“Allegra put us in fast forward with the training and marketing tools it provided to our sales reps, and the additional services like marketing planning, creative development and advanced production and fulfillment services that we could provide to our customers.”

Don’t bottom out atop a plateau. Having franchise name awareness and the backing of an experienced and leading franchise system can elevate the quality of your work, deepen the dedication of your team, and enhance the trust your clients demand and will pay for. The sky’s the limit.