Exploring an investment in franchising takes research, long before you start investigating the brand you think you want to sign with. In the case of Allegra, which provides marketing, printing and direct mail services, people are also naturally drawn to one of our strongest competitors, AlphaGraphics franchise.

It’s easy to understand why: We’re in similar businesses and we both have a lot to offer to potential investors. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. To get you started on your franchise research journey, we’d like to offer this comparison chart:

AlphaGraphics Franchise vs. Allegra Franchise

Franchising since19801977
No. of units242195
Net worth requirement$350,000$400,000
Liquid assets$125,000$200,000
Franchise fee$48,950$45,000
Startup costs$263,700 – $363,300$125,811 – $378,185

Sources: Entrepreneur.com, Allegra Franchise Disclosure Document

On the surface, the two franchises appear similar. AlphaGraphics has more franchise locations, but the lower range of their startup fees are higher. Allegra has a lower franchise fee, but our initial investment is capped higher.

It’s important to note that we’re comparing two different business models here. AlphaGraphics offers a new startup model, whereas Allegra operates based on conversion of existing businesses, or our MatchMaker model. Our startup costs do not include the expense of purchasing a printing business, since those costs vary widely depending on size, location, financial condition

How to choose? In instances like these, it often boils down to the intangibles, like whether you’re a culture fit. And during your investigatory process, you will naturally want to talk to existing franchisees to see what the real-life experience looks like.

Why franchisees like Allegra

We thought we would share a few quotes from our franchisees about the experience:

  • “I wasn’t familiar with this industry, but I wanted to own my own business and knew I could manage people. The Allegra MatchMaker Program allowed me to step right in and open a franchise with established clients and an experienced staff,” says Todd Garcia, who owns an Allegra center in Coal City, IL. “I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.”
  • “Through our 30 years in business, being part of the Network has proven to be a huge benefit to us – and our customers,” says Allegra franchisee Karen Grassick of Burlington, Ontario. “By leveraging the support and guidance of the franchise, we have gained greater efficiencies, knowledge and ultimately, results.”
  • “The company’s Royalty Relief Plan (during the height of the pandemic in 2020) is a real testament to their commitment to our success,” says Eric Van Kerckhove, owner of the Cedar Rapids, IA, Allegra franchise. “It demonstrates the home office is in this together with us center owners. They stepped up with three good options for us to gain discounts and/or defer payments.”
  • “Through Allegra’s Matchmaker program, I purchased an established printing company and converted it to the Allegra brand, says Allegra owner Steve Kapuscinski of Cincinnati. “Allegra’s vision, support and many resources have been essential to my success in keeping my business relevant to my customers’ and prospects’ evolving needs.”

Learn more about Allegra’s business opportunity

Whether you choose an AlphaGraphics franchise, an Allegra franchise or another brand altogether is up to you. However, we’d love to tell you more about Allegra. To find out about our franchise opportunities in your area, please fill out this no-obligation form. One of our franchise development representatives will be in touch.