Entrepreneurs looking for business ownership opportunities have several options to consider. You may consider starting a business from scratch or buying a business that’s already in operation. The latter is potentially a better way to minimize your risk and maximize profitability. And you may get even more of a boost when you purchase an existing business using a franchise model.

Buying an existing business like a print shop can give you a competitive edge in your new endeavor, eliminating some of the difficulties associated with starting a business from scratch, like purchasing new equipment, executing mounds of new-business paperwork and other labor-intensive details. If the print shop you purchase has been well-managed and profitable, you pick up where the former owner left off, allowing you to fast-track your cash flow. When you know what you’re getting into, you can better manage your business expectations with a clear picture of day-to-day operations. You have an existing customer base upon which to grow. Plus, you may have staff, suppliers, equipment and stock already in place.

Benefits of an Existing Business

As a new owner of an existing business, you may benefit from a management team or staff that knows the business and can provide their expertise to you as you get acquainted with the operations. Instead of worrying about getting your business off the ground, you focus on enhancing profitability.

With a potential early cash-flow opportunity, your concerns are not about building from scratch but rather growing the business. You can focus your efforts on innovations, for example, by updating or improving older equipment in addition to growing your customer base.

Allegra MatchMaker ® Program

The benefits of purchasing an existing business are clear, but doing so as part of a trusted, established franchise brand takes you to a whole new level. There is a distinct advantage for entrepreneurs when purchasing an independent printing business and converting it to an Allegra Center through our Allegra MatchMaker ® Program.

Allegra Marketing Print Mail is a strong B2B concept in an established industry, able to meet the needs of businesses and organizations in your community. Allegra Centers provide graphic design, printing, mailing, promotional products and marketing services.

Partnering with Allegra Centers through our MatchMaker® program means you have access to support and guidance you wouldn’t otherwise have. Allegra’s seasoned mergers and acquisitions managers are skillful in helping current printing business owners sell and new owners succeed. You’ll not only get help with that purchase from our experts, you’ll already be running a business under a well-known brand name from Day 1.

Once you open your Allegra Center, you’ll have franchise support throughout the term of your agreement, something you wouldn’t experience starting a business from scratch. You’ll be equipped with marketing and product development training, sales support and a network of your peers — other Franchise Members who can mentor you and help problem solve day-to-day challenges. These are all valuable tools that we provide to best position you for success.

Great Flexibility

Purchasing an existing business gives you great flexibility in choosing exactly what your Allegra Center will be. For example, you can consolidate businesses into a single location that will enhance the services you offer, therefore increasing your profit opportunity, just like our Franchise Member Matt Kinser did. Kinser became the owner of an Allegra Center through our MatchMaker program. This enabled him to buy both an independent print shop and a banner sign business, consolidate them into a single location, brand them as Allegra and hit the ground running.

Another substantial advantage to becoming an Allegra Franchise Member is the unsurpassed network support provided by Alliance Franchise Brands – a world leader in marketing and visual communications.

If you want to learn about purchasing an Allegra franchise, we’d love to help you achieve your goals.