If you’re researching grand opening ideas, most likely you’ve already done the work to start a new business (or to rebrand an existing one). Now that it’s time to open your doors to the public, you may be wondering if you really need to make a big production of it.

<h2>Is a Grand Opening Necessary?

Successful franchise owners will tell you that a grand opening is a great way to drum up business for your new print shop. Though it requires some time and effort, hosting a grand opening will

  • Generate Brand Awareness – If you’re opening a franchise that’s nationally known but new to your area, a grand opening presents the perfect opportunity to promote your brand’s products.
  • Create Buzz – Grand openings often attract media attention, especially if you alert the media to your event. The more buzz and excitement you can generate for your store opening, the more people will hear about your print shop and remember the name the next time they need your services.
  • Build Relationships – While most small businesses need good relationships within the community, the success of print shops in particular depends largely upon local organizations using their services. Your grand opening will allow you to connect with community leaders and other business owners.
  • Attract New Customers – Of course, the main objective of a grand opening is to get customers inside your print shop so you can impress them with your products and services.

If you’re worried that your store isn’t ready to handle the big crowds that a large event may attract, you can begin with a soft opening. Essentially a trial run of the grand opening, a soft opening allows you to invite family members and friends to an event before your doors are open to the general public. Be sure to ask for honest feedback from everyone who attends so you can clean up any missteps before the actual grand opening.

What Should I Do for My Print Shop Grand Opening?

A quick internet search will reveal a multitude of grand opening ideas, but all of them aren’t suitable for a print shop. The following suggestions are tailored specifically to promoting your business.

Host a Reception

Instead of having a large event that’s open to everyone, host a small reception to introduce your business to influential members of the community. Invite local politicians, school and hospital administrators, local business owners, and others who are most likely to need your print and graphic design services. Provide food and beverages and gift bags full of promotional products like pens, sticky notes, and other items that will remind them of your business.

Hold a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Whether you choose to have a small opening reception or a larger event for the general public, a ribbon-cutting ceremony is a traditional way to announce a store opening. It gives attendees a specific time to be there and provides a great photo opportunity for local media. Because you’re opening a print shop, you can design a special ribbon to be cut, along with banners and other signage that will show off some of the exceptional products your business offers.

Partner with a Local Restaurant

People love to eat, and if you offer free food (even something as simple as coffee and donuts), they will show up at your event. If, however, you don’t want the expense of providing food, you can partner with a popular restaurant or food truck to offer food for sale in your parking lot. While some people may come only for the food, they’ll still see where your business is located and the products you have on display.

Have Free Entertainment

If your store or parking lot is big enough to accommodate it, you can hire a local musician to play during your grand opening. If not, you could hire someone to offer face painting for kids while their parents are talking with your team about the services you provide.

Offer Discounts on Services

If you choose to forego a splashy event, you can always offer grand opening discounts for a set amount of time. You can reduce the price of photocopies or waive the design fee for business cards. Talk with some fellow Franchise Members to see which promotions have worked best for them.

Open an Allegra Marketing Print Mail Franchise

Regardless of the grand opening ideas you choose to implement, your business will be a success when you open an Allegra Center. As part of the Alliance Franchise Brands family, Allegra is a leader in the print and marketing services industry and offers a franchise model that’s proven to be successful for over 45 years. Contact us to learn more about purchasing an Allegra Franchise.