Franchise Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Independent Print Shop Owners

Define Your Direction

Are you a corporate executive who’s reached the “glass ceiling” and is ready for more? Perhaps you’re frustrated at the necessity of reporting to others? Or maybe you’ve spent a good portion of your career learning … and are now ready to profit directly from your experience by becoming an entrepreneur?

Owning a marketing franchise business such as Allegra not only offers you most of the benefits of traditional ownership with far less risk, but also provides additional aspects to assist with success.

By buying an Allegra franchise, you gain the immediate backing of a  recognized brand  with a proven track record and a time-tested business system and franchise model. Allegra business ownership provides:

  • A proven idea for a higher chance of success
  • A reduced risk of failure compared to starting up an independent business of the same type
  • Name recognition and acceptance
  • Corporate marketing support to support a profitable franchise
  • Corporate purchasing and negotiating power through a proven franchise model
  • Training and operational support from experts in the business
  • Access to others in the same business, their knowledge and experience
  • Favorable view of franchising by lenders, as risk is reduced in a franchise business model
  • Ease of selling your business when you choose to, due to all of the above

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