Franchise Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Independent Print Shop Owners

Franchising vs Independent Business

Launching any business takes money, time and effort. Without over-simplifying, you have two options: one is to scratch out your idea on a cocktail napkin and go it alone, or secondly, you can join a franchise system, like Allegra, where the question is not how far can you go, but how fast can you get there?

In either case, there are risks and rewards. Here for your review is a summary of what you get and what you give up as an independent business owner vs. a franchisee.


INDEPENDENT – What you get

  • The freedom to make your own decisions, where success or failure rests solely on your shoulders.
  • You’ll be able to do it your way, too. If you’re successful, and they put your picture on the cover of  INC  magazine, you won’t have to share the scene!


INDEPENDENT – What you give up

  • The HOW-TO manual. You’ll have to write it yourself.
  • A proven business concept and operating model.
  • Your time. A new business is 24/7; it never sleeps.
  • The ease with which to borrow money, someone experienced to help solve problems and the buying power of a larger company.


FRANCHISE – What you get

  • An established concept and trusted brand name.
  • Pre-opening training and ongoing IT, marketing, product development and sales support from experience professionals committed to your success.
  • A network of franchise owners to solve problems and to share best practices.
  • A work/life balance where you set your own schedule.
  • When you’re ready, the opportunity to determine your own exit strategy.


FRANCHISE – What you give up

  • You’ll have to remit a portion of your gross sales in the form of a  royalty  to the franchisor for the use of the brand and the ongoing training and support.
  • The opportunity to re-invent the wheel. You’ll have to follow a  proven system.
  • When you’re successful and  Franchise Times  calls to put you on the magazine’s cover, you’ll have to share the spotlight with your Allegra team and our franchise family!

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The Allegra team has helped many independent print businesses throughout the years, whether they wanted to grow their business or start planning to sell. Perhaps, now is the right time to learn more about these opportunities.