Franchise Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Independent Print Shop Owners

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We regularly work with entrepreneurs who are seeking to “hit the ground running” by purchasing an existing printing business and building on a foundation of established success. Alternately, we help printers within the Allegra Network increase their book of business by acquiring nearby independents.

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The Reason Why Allegra is a Unique Opportunity

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COVID-19 is taking a personal and professional toll on all of us.

While things may vary from state to state, there are specific relief measures available to help small businesses remain solvent and viable. For more information, visit

Trying to do it all can be overwhelming. Trying to do it alone can be paralyzing. If you have become short staffed and your client work is at risk we may be able to help you during this challenging time. Please call us at (800) 726-9050 to see if there are production resources available to you.

The Allegra team has helped many independent print businesses throughout the years, whether they wanted to grow their business or start planning to sell. Perhaps, now is the right time to learn more about these opportunities.