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Own your community’s local one-stop source for strategic marketing and print communications
Allegra Centers provide graphic design, printing, mailing, promotional products and marketing services needed by virtually every local business and institution. As an owner, you’ll benefit from the unsurpassed network support provided by Alliance Franchise Brands – a world leader in marketing and visual communications.

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Hit the ground running by purchasing an independent printer with our assistance and rebranding it as an Allegra Center through our MatchMaker® Program. Alternately, acquire an Allegra Center that’s now on the market.

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Business Owners

Benefit from 30+ years of documented success by transitioning your operation via our AdvantageSM Program. You’ll gain the opportunity for greater sales through diversification while sustaining the legacy of your business.

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Join an Industry Leader

While researching franchises, you’ll learn about dozens of businesses from lawn services to quick-serve restaurants and more. While all provide possibilities, none offer the unique opportunity that owning an Allegra Center affords.

Three qualities uniquely Allegra:
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Grow Your Own Way

The Allegra franchise appeals to corporate executives, marketing professionals and other entrepreneurs who want to take charge of their own futures. Owners who seek to grow (or save) their independent printing company or related business are often an ideal fit for rebranding to Allegra.

The Allegra investment:
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“I wasn’t familiar with this industry, but I wanted to own my own business and knew I could manage people. The Allegra Matchmaker® Program allowed me to step right in and open a franchise with established clients and an experienced staff. I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

– Todd Garcia, Owner, Allegra, Coal City, IL

“It was the best decision to join Allegra through their Advantage? Program. The transition to the Allegra brand was smooth. Being affiliated with this network of industry experts has allowed my location to enhance our capabilities and offer things we weren’t able to previously. The support of the home office for their franchise members allows us to say to our clients, ‘We can do anything!'”

– Ed Klimczak, Owner, Allegra, Alpena, MI

“I always wanted to own my own business. First, I looked at owning multiple units within a franchise system, then I found Allegra. The Allegra program allowed me to purchase and convert an independent printer to the brand. I operate several businesses under one roof and have never had to face the challenge of opening new locations from scratch. I have enjoyed this high-volume business with diversified services from day one!”

Curtis Hoessly, Owner, Allegra, Virginia Beach, VA

“The franchise has helped us to adapt to the changing needs of the businesses and organizations we support in our local market. Through our 30 years in business, being part of the Network has proven to be a huge benefit to us – and our customers. By leveraging the support and guidance of the franchise, we have gained greater efficiencies, knowledge and ultimately, results.”

– Karen Grassick, Owner, Allegra, Burlington, Ontario

“With Allegra, our revenue is diversified over a fairly large customer base. At our Center, about 75-100 accounts represent just over 75% of our sales. So if we lose a few to attrition over the course of a year it’s not catastrophic; we more often than not make up for them in new accounts.”

– Todd Hinson, Owner, Allegra, Rocky Mount, NC

“In today’s business world, we all should have an exit strategy. With retirement in sight, I realized that it would be easier to sell a strong, branded business with diversified services than an independent printer with flat revenues. This thinking prompted my wife and I to convert to Allegra, and we now operate in the more profitable marketing and graphic communications space.”

– Eugene Montanez, Owner, Allegra, Corona, CA

“The franchise has been very helpful through the years as we needed different things – help with web and marketing efforts, sales training support, advice on purchasing new equipment and help with the acquisition of multiple businesses throughout the years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help and support of the franchise.”

– Lisa Buehler, Owner, Allegra and Image360, Little Rock, AR

“Through Allegra’s MatchMaker® program, I purchased an established printing company and converted it to the Allegra brand. Allegra’s vision, support and many resources have been essential to my success in keeping my business relevant to my customers and prospects evolving needs.”

– Steve Kapuscinski, Owner, Allegra, Cincinnati, OH

“As an Allegra owner, I enjoy working with other business professionals within my local community. I also love having a national network behind us to drive the business forward. It helps create a competitive advantage over the independents I often go head-to-head with.”

Peter Marcus, Owner, Allegra, Tucson, AZ

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