Franchise Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Independent Print Shop Owners

Why Allegra?

You’ll meet the needs of businesses, organizations and nonprofits in your community

Virtually every small and medium-sized business requires digital or printed promotional and informational materials that are offered by Allegra Centers. In fact, there are more than 28 million of these potential clients in North America, as well as hundreds of thousands of nonprofits and community organizations.

  • Allegra franchise locations typically have several hundred business customers
  • A diverse customer roster helps make your Allegra business more stable and resilient


You’ll satisfy their needs for ongoing print and marketing communications

Most businesses and organizations are great at what they do, but marketing is not their specialty. As an Allegra business owner, you’ll help them get their message to potential and existing customers using a variety of strategies – print, digital, advertising, public relations and more.

  • A wide range of services allows you to open multiple revenue streams with each client
  • White-collar customers will see you as a trusted advisor
  • A high percentage of customers typically generate frequent reorders
  • Ongoing print and marketing program management services generate recurring revenue


You’ll join a category leader in a stable, $170 billion+ business

All told, print and marketing services account for an estimated $178 billion in annual sales in North America. As an Allegra franchise business owner, you’ll be uniquely positioned to capture your share of this opportunity.

  • Not an untested start-up, Allegra was founded in 1976 and has a proven 40+ year history
  • While many competitors have dropped by the wayside, our ongoing research and development efforts have kept the Allegra Network thriving during the evolution of the printing industry and the advent of online, web-based marketing