Franchise Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Independent Print Shop Owners

When evaluating business ownership opportunities you’ll naturally ask, “What’s in it for me?” Or, if you own a printing business that’s independent and are considering the idea of rebranding it as an Allegra franchise, you’re likely focused on, “What can a transition do for my business, and how might it benefit my legacy?”

When considering ownership of an Allegra business, keep in mind these three qualities that are uniquely ours:

Industry Experience - Allegra Franchising

Investment in Success - Allegra Franchising

Commitment to Innovation - Allegra Franchising

Achieve More by owning an Allegra Franchise

1 Unsurpassed Industry Experience

Been there. Done that. Still doing it. We offer Allegra business owners a franchise model that's proven to be successful for more than three decades.

Two examples of how our experience can benefit you?

Exclusive Allegra Performance Groups:
Consistently rated by Allegra franchise owners as one of the most valuable support programs offered by the Allegra Network, these are comprised of five to seven fellow Allegra owners with similar center sales who meet twice a year to discuss all areas of your business. Prior to meeting, each Allegra owner submits their financial statement to the Allegra home office. As a result, operating ratios are created and made available to discuss at the meeting. Expect an honest assessment by your peers of your center's performance or lack thereof ... and practical advice from others who've "walked the walk" and can point you in the right direction. Expect, too, to make some lifelong friends in the process.

Exclusive Allegra Profit Mastery Assessments:
Prepared specifically for each Allegra franchise, this in-depth report includes specific suggestions for improvement. Later, you'll receive assistance from your Regional Operations Director in implementing improvements and regular follow-ups. Components of the program address relationships between income statements and balance sheets, ratios to measure efficiency of business, how to manage cash flow, break-even analysis as a decision tool, uses of profit and the relationship between assets, earnings, and the value of a business.


2 Leadership's Investment in Your Success

Backed by substantial financial reserves, the Allegra corporate ownership team consistently reinvests with the aim of enhancing the value of each of our Allegra Centers.

For example, knowing first-hand that the industry has evolved from an inside-based, order-taking model to one that's increasingly relying on outside sales for success, Allegra supports Allegra business owners with no fewer than seven initiatives to help you profit from this trend.

These programs include Solutions-based Sales 101 Training, Advanced Solutions-based Sales 201 Training, Sales Skills on the Road Sessions, S3 Sales Training Webinars, Sales Leadership Training Workshops, Virtual Sales Manager for Hire Program as well as One-on-One Sales Coaching Sessions. The effort and expense for any independent enterprise to match let alone exceed this comprehensive support for our Allegra business owners is incalculable. The advantage will be yours!


3 Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

Allegra stays abreast of the newest advancements in technology that provide competitive advantage to Allegra business owners – relieving you of the burden to do so on your own.

No example of our dedication to finding better ways of doing business is more exciting – or potentially more rewarding – than WorkStreamTM. This all-new, one-of-a-kind technology platform fully integrates sophisticated e-commerce, business management and workflow automation technologies. Once it's fully rolled out, it will drive the kinds of efficiencies that Allegra franchise business owners need to stay a step ahead of market demands ... and the competition.

Among its key features are an advanced and scalable cloud-based management information system (MIS) with intuitive interface and integrated CRM that's robust and scalable, a world-class e-commerce storefront technology with front-end (MIS) and back-end (automation workflow) integrations, and a prepress portal. Watch for this world-class technology only from Allegra.


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