Food is the fuel source that supplies vital nutrients to make the body function. But nothing happens without signals from the brain, and unless it’s properly charged, like a cell-phone battery, it will affect your overall performance—processing information, solving problems, and much else.

Kevin Cushing, president of the Alliance Franchise Brands’ Marketing and Print Division, shares his personal experience and advice on keeping the brain charged in a blog post to the Printing Impressions website titled, “How Charged Up Is Your Battery?

Not long ago we were encouraged to inhale: to stop and smell roses. Today in our ever-connected culture, Kevin coaches to unplug—to exhale. In his blog post, Kevin asks the essential question: “If your laptop or mobile phone gives you the ‘low battery’ warning, do you plug it in to power it up just enough to get you through the next few minutes…or let it fully recharge so that it can give its performance reliably?”

What do you do? A low battery can affect your productivity, your health, your family and your friends—your world. Read Kevin’s blog and find out how you can improve your battery life and “freshen” your outlook and how other people look at you.

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