If you immediately thought time zone, no. It’s your work state of mind. Kevin Cushing, president of the Alliance Franchise Brands’ Marketing and Print Division, recently posted a blog to the Printing Impression website titled, “Are You Building or Coasting? ” in which he identifies the three mental zones where—when we’re not zoned out—we spend most of our time—Comfort, Learning and Panic.

Kevin introduces you to the three zones after attending a father/son camping trip sponsored by the Young Presidents’ Organization. In his blog, Kevin describes the zones, how each affects the others, and where we can excel and reach peak performance.

After you read Kevin’s blog, the idea is for you to grow your Comfort and Learning zones and to reduce your Panic zone. To help you, Kevin invites you to complete a four-step questionnaire that measures your professional, lifestyle and adrenaline-related events and yields a Comfort zone score. See how you compare to the 24,000 other people who have taken the survey. The questions may surprise you. But, don’t Panic. It’s another Learning experience. And, you’ll take Comfort in the results.

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