Why Printers Exiting Their Businesses Are at a Disadvantage

If you’re a printer who falls into any one of these categories, you’re going to be at an unnecessary disadvantage when you choose to retire or sell your business:

  1. Your sales are flat and your margins are shrinking.
  2. You haven’t kept pace with technology and the widening needs of your customers.
  3. You haven’t devised an exit strategy or succession plan.

The printing business is confronted with formidable challenges and fundamental change. If you only had to contend with black and white issues like overcapacity and declining prices, you could somehow manage, cut here, trim there.

But you’re faced with even greater threats to your livelihood that put a dull finish on your future: postal rates that continue to reduce mailings, the increase in digital to deliver documents and data, and the decline in print-based marketing.

You can sure try going at it alone to be a survivor. But, wouldn’t you rather go out looking back with a real sense of accomplishment and with the prospects for a rich and rewarding retirement? Of course you would. And YOU CAN!

You can have an ADVANTAGE

It’s your Allegra AdvantageTM: a low-cost, accelerated business program in five years or less to grow the value of your business and to help you sell it. With your Allegra AdvantageTM you’ll have the systems, resources and support programs you need to turn challenges into opportunities and to be a change leader.

You won’t have to work harder. You’ll have the advantage to work smarter. You’ll join Alliance Franchise Brands, linking nearly 600 locations on two continents providing world-class, results-driven marketing and visual and graphics communications.

Your ROI starts and grows with our proven programs and services: Business Assessment & Planning Assistance, Technology Enhancement, Multi-Faceted Marketing, Sales Staff Recruiting, Training and Mentoring, Group Buying Power, and our Diversification, Acquisition and Industry-Exclusive Profit Mastery Programs.

And on top of all that, you’ll have access to our Allegra Marketing Resource Center a fully-staffed creative and consulting division with strategic marketing planners, skilled copywriters, talented graphic designers and award-winning web designers, developers and search-marketing experts.

Press ahead with the Allegra AdvantageTM Program

Of course, before you do anything you’ll want a printers proof. Former independent printers, Paula and Eugene Montanez, said Yes! to Allegra, to their advantage Converting to Allegra put us on the path to increased profitability. So what path are you on? We invite you to look at our Advantage Program and see where it can take you.