If you’re investigating a franchise opportunity, you may get invited to a Discovery Day – it’s confirmation that the franchise believes you are a financially qualified buyer and have the skills and determination to be a successful franchise owner.

Franchisors have many names for this day. Discovery Day is what we call it, others call it Validation Day, and a few Zors have ambitiously dubbed it Decision Day
In the interest of full disclosure for all franchisors, the Day itself should be a soft sell, show-and-tell opportunity to woo you with talented and dedicated people who will answer your questions and further explain what you can expect after you buy a franchise.

As you prepare for your Home-Office visit, here are five things—beyond having all your questions answered and a memorable time—to look for when attending a franchise Discovery Day:

1) A CULTURE where you can contribute and thrive. From the moment you set foot into the corporate headquarters, you will be immersed in the team culture. Other Zors may promote “family” or “franchisee-focused” or something else altogether. Whatever you hear, rely on what you see and feel.

2) EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT that’s involved and passionate about the business. One way to assess their commitment is from their presence during your Discovery Day.

3) Can you work with the PEOPLE? Are they knowledgeable, professional and devoted to supporting you? Meet your support team moving forward. Ask them the tough questions face to face.

4) Can you follow the SYSTEM? Does the franchise have a proven business model/system? When you talk with franchise owners during your due diligence, they’ll encourage you—from their own experiences—to “follow the system.” A Discovery Day should bind you to that commitment.

5) Can you see yourself as a member of that franchise? You should come away from a Discovery Day energized. Successful owners wear the logo with pride. They eagerly network throughout their communities. And, they enthusiastically support other franchise owners within their network.

An Allegra Discovery Day is designed to inspire, to inform, and to envelop you in our culture. Complete the form on this page if you are interested in owning a franchise.


Here are a few pictures from our Discovery Day –