You may be thinking first in terms of total volume or unit dollar sales. But first things first, are entrepreneurs buying into the franchise—both opening new locations and snapping up re-sales? That’s the key benchmark, because its implications are much broader and more telling.

A franchise system that sustains growth opening new locations (expanding) and passing on existing locations to a new generation of ambitious owners (delivering seamless customer service) is both well-grounded and vibrant.

It’s a sure sign that the franchise is well funded, has a proven business model, the franchisor is focused on franchisee success, and franchise owners are validating the concept.

And as the franchise grows, all franchise owners in the system benefit because the brand’s awareness increases (top of mind) and customers have more confidence in the brand name (first choice).

Unlike a start-up or emerging franchise struggling uphill to grab attention and market share, the franchise committed to successful new and re-sale development is like a snowball rolling down a hill increasing in mass and acceleration.


Alliance Franchise Brands is on a Roll

This year Brian Price purchased the 10,000 sq. ft. Allegra Center in Grassmere, Tennessee, six miles southeast of downtown Nashville. The previous owner retired and is helping to train Brian during a transition period. “This is a good fit for me,” says Brian, who from day one owns an up-and-running business with great cash flow, hundreds of repeat customers, and an experienced staff. “My goals are to continue to grow an already successful company and to keep up with all the new technology and products that Alliance Franchise Brands provides.” Brian’s story recently appeared in several online journals including the printing industry’s What They Think.

Nicky Gillam and her husband, Tony Perry, purchased the KKP Centre in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, located 23 miles southwest of Toronto. “We were looking for something that ticked a few boxes: an existing business that I could lift with doable effort, a business I could understand, and something with some support behind it,” said Nicky. “When I went to the Home Office in (Plymouth) Michigan, I was sold on their group. They spoke my language on sales processes and the 2 Second Lean philosophy. It was obvious they want their franchise owners to be very successful and everybody gets a nice piece of the pie.”

Gavin Dabreo purchased the Allegra of Abbotsford, BS, Canada, west of Vancouver from the original owners who launched the business in 1990 and are now retired. Gavin’s 28-year professional career spans leadership, business building, and mentoring roles in the hospitality, transportation, education and publishing fields. “I felt with the Allegra business I could add value and get value from it having been in the publishing space,” said Gavin. He earned a degree in commerce and economics from Bombay University and an MBA through the United Kingdom’s Manchester Business School.

Brian and Sandra Hoekstra purchased the Allegra Marketing Print Mail Center in London, Ontario, and acquired an existing independent printer that they plan to convert to the Allegra brand through the MatchMaker® program. “With my manufacturing background and Sandra’s creative skillset, we felt this industry and the Allegra business model would fit us well,” said Brian. “We want to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. We want to be thought of as partners. That’s why we chose Allegra rather than a restaurant or something else where we wouldn’t be intimately partnered with any one person. We want to achieve great things for our customers and be involved and share in their excitement and success.”

Chris Montgomery purchased the 38-year established KKP Centre in Mississauga, 19 miles southwest of downtown Toronto. He holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto and has more than 20-years experience as a chartered certified accountant. “I call myself ‘the reluctant accountant.’ I’m first a business person,” says Chris. “I like the whole concept of KKP, to collaborate with B2B clients and to grow their businesses. In terms of the model, it’s broad and wide-ranging. That makes it a good fit for me because it offers the opportunity to interact with products and services that mean something to me.”

Allegra and KKP Centers are known best for providing exceptional marketing and print services that make life easier for the business owners who rely on them. New Allegra and KKP owners bring further diversity and determined passion to our Alliance Franchise Brands family, and will continue to provide excellent products and services to their local businesses and organizations throughout North America.