Is Traditional Marketing Dead? Four Reasons to Get into Print Marketing
Businesses are always trying to get the attention of the consumer to increase exposure to their brand. But getting brand recognition in a saturated marketplace can be challenging. Maybe it’s best to use digital marketing in this technological age, or maybe good ol’ fashioned traditional marketing remains the best method. While it may have been considered outdated, traditional marketing is making a comeback because businesses are recognizing the benefits it still provides. In fact, in a recent study, 63% of small businesses use traditional marketing because it creates a personal connection with customers.  

Simplified, marketing is how you get people interested in your brand by defining what makes you different. Digital marketing allows companies to promote their brand by connecting to an audience via desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Traditional marketing is everything else, like print, broadcast, direct mail, phone and outdoor advertising like billboards. Which makes print marketing a valuable tool for your B2B customers.

There are many benefits of direct mail or print advertisements to enhance your customers’ footprint in the marketplace. Convincing clients to go print is easy when you break it down. Print drives commerce. For example, according to industry statistics, advertisers in the U.S. spend $167 per person on direct mail, with a 1,255% return on the investment. But there’s more proof that the printing industry is neither dying nor simply surviving — it is thriving.

Four Reasons to Get into Print Marketing>

  1. Print is lasting, memorable and tangible. When a company has a sign or banner, for example, it establishes brand recognition every time it’s looked at. When a homeowner receives a piece of direct mail about a company, it sits in their hands for consideration (compared with a quick tap to delete an email ad).
  • Print marketing is a great identifier. Building brand awareness is key to the success of your business. That is achieved by using materials like physical signage, business cards and displays. The proper use of color, font, graphics, placement and design creates a strong company image.
  • Print marketing allows you to first pinpoint your target audience, then deliver messaging to them. There is a great deal of research done for companies to promote their brand. For example, B2B marketing geared toward companies and organizations means first recognizing what your target audience needs. By strategically designing a specific database to reach your client, utilizing print through direct mail, for example, is an effective tool toward brand growth.
  • Print is credible and secure. When a consumer sees something in print, it is perceived as more trustworthy, research shows. There is a sense of real legitimacy when words and images are made to last on a material that is durable. Plus, with 2021 figures showing the print industry in the U.S. alone at $75 billion, there is great stability and confidence in using this medium.

Modern Marketing

Perhaps the best tool you, as a specialist, can offer a business in the coming year is modern marketing, or the best of both worlds. Integrating traditional print marketing with multiple digital channels provides a strong, multi-faceted campaign that can connect with more prospective customers. For example, using a QR code on printed materials and social media platforms can drive customers to a website, enhancing their experience with the brand.

Achieve Success Through Allegra

Evolving with the needs of the customer is what we do best at Allegra. Printing needs are continuously changing in business communications. Creating solutions has made us a leader in the industry. That became very pronounced throughout the last 18 months as print became a needed and dependable source of communications for businesses and organizations throughout the pandemic. Creating signs giving direction, safety guidelines and business identification are just a few examples of the unmistakable need for this industry.

Allegra Centers provide graphic design, printing, mailing, promotional products and marketing services needed by virtually every local business and institution.  Our printing personalization and marketing integration services are what set us apart from other business printing companies. 

Which is why franchising with Allegra is a great investment. The Allegra franchise model is a proven concept providing industry experience, training and a commitment to offering the latest advancements in the industry.

As an owner, you’ll benefit from the unsurpassed network support provided by parent company Alliance Franchise Brands – a world leader in marketing and visual communications.

We provide many opportunities for entrepreneurs to become Allegra Franchise Members through transition, acquisition or conversion.

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